Welcome to your BIM Capability Compass and Upskilling toolkit

Step 1
The Capability Assessment

A series of evidence based ‘this is the experience we have’ statements aligned to 8 core BIM competencies (as defined by the BIM Task Group).

Select which statement aligns with your experience for each competency.

The assessment is not timed or recorded so you can cancel it at any stage or take again at a later date.

If your experience is zero, simply click on the first box.

Step 2
The Results

Your answers generate your own capability charts so you can compare yourself against your peers.

The table and charts show your results and how you compare with the industry average.

The first 3-pointed spider chart highlights your Level 1 BIM capability. Combined with the 2nd spider, you see your Level 2 BIM capability.

The pie charts represent the average score of all the answers given for each particular core competency.

Step 3
The Upskilling Action Plan

Your results populate your Upskilling Action Plan.

The colour coded table shows you what you need to do to improve.

Core competencies that need ‘most attention’ are in red, ‘some attention’ in amber and ‘good progress’ in green.

Your results are not saved so print screen if you want to keep them.